Asylum Fee

Our firm understands the need for experienced asylum lawyers at a very affordable rate. Generally, people who seek asylum do not come to the United States with much. Most flee their home country with only the things they can carry or put in a suitcase. We understand that asylum seekers have potentially the most important immigration cases and need the most care and attention during the process. This is why we charge $1600 for the entire affirmative asylum process. It is a standard fee for each and every client that seeks our help. We do not price based on the client’s background or financial well-being, we give everyone the fair $1600 fee.

We provide quality and efficient asylum legal services for an affordable price that everyone can take advantage of. Best of all, we are 100% transparent about our pricing. No surprise costs, no guessing, and no feeling nervous about a big bill. You will never pay a penny more than $1600 with the Eman Law Group.

Why are our fees so low? Our firm believes in giving everyone a fighting chance to live freely in the United States. By offering a low-cost high-quality service, we have opened the opportunity for thousands of people across the world, allowing them to apply for asylum with the expertise of some of the country’s top asylum lawyers. Our philosophy is that we want to provide expert asylum services at an affordable price that produces great results.

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